For hazardous-area envirorments Marktechnical delivers a program of high quality Explosion proof instruments applicable for (petro)chemical, offshore, gas and fuel platforms, nuclear power plants, and maritime industry.


In the many industrial processes where flammable materials are handled, any leak or spillage may give rise to an explosive atmosphere. To protect both personnel and plant, precautions must be taken to ensure that this atmosphere cannot be ignited. The areas at risk are known as `hazardous areas` and the materials which are commonly involved include crude oil and its derivatives, process gases, alcohols, metal dusts, carbon dust, flour, starch, grain and fibres.

To enable electrical equipment to be used in hazardous areas, eight different `explosion-protection` techniques have been developed over the years. National or international standards and codes of practice govern each technique and define in detail how the equipment should be designed and applied. National certifying (or approvals) authorities ensure design compliance and national inspectorates (or insurance companies) vet and usually inspect each installation. The different techniques lend themselves to different applications and, for instrumentation used in process measurement and control, the two leading techniques are the use of flameproof (enclosures) Eex (e)d and intrinsic safety Eex-i.

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