On this page you find our range of AGASTAT Electropneumatic timing relays series 7000. Agastat provides of a complete range of heavy duty timing relays for controlling and protective applications on trains, railway crossings and signal security systems.


The reliability, performance and versatility of Agastat Timing, Control and Protective Relays are acknowledged throughout the industrial control and electronic systems fields. To appreciate how Agastat Relays have won this reputation, you have only to open one. What you will see are: premium components, accurately derated; minimal component counts, achieved via appropriate IC technology; ingenious circuit design; and workmanship that conforms to the highest industrial standards.

For regulation of heating and ventilation systems on trains, brake systems or hydraulic installations we deliver robust and vibration proof pressostats, pressure transmitters and thermostats from Trafag.

From Müller Industrie Elektronik we delivered to the Dutch railways rail temperature sensors in combination with the IWS Intelligent Weather Station, which detects rain, dew, snow and hail to prevent freezing of rail points.


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