Famous manufacturers of special vehicles already use the force measuring technology in the form of tension load cells and strain gauge electronics and the vehicle control system by Müller Industrie-Elektronik. Beside the exact weight capture, often also with overload protection, the sure vehicle control and supervision an important measuring component for the work  in the special construction of vehicles, often taking place within the rough conditions:


  • conveyor vehicles
  • crane arrangements
  • garbage vehicles and special transport vehicles (lumber truck, wind energy converter transport)    
  • inspection and servicing vehicles: recognition of tilting danger, (bridge control)
  • underground mining special vehicles: measurement in the drive axle as an overload protection and  recognition of tilting danger (unterday mining)
  • roadside maintenance: recognition of tilting danger and level balance control  (verge mower, digging excavator)

For the vehicle control system VCS the E1/e1-approval is given by the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt/Federal Office (KBA).

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