Variable Area Flow Meters for Gases with a wide range of options V-100

Variable Area Flow Meters for Gases with a wide range of options V-100

Measuring Tubes in 3 Sizes

The flow meters are available with three different glass tube lengths.

Measuring ranges from 0.04 ln/h up to 5000 ln/h for Air @ 1.21 bara / 20°CMaximum pressure: 20 bar (290 psi) / Maximum temperature: 100°C

Different Instrument Setups

In addition to standard rear ports, devices with lateral and vertical ports are available

VA-Meter V-100Setup S (standard)

VA-Meter V-100Setup L

VA-Meter V-100Setup R

VA-Meter V-100Setup A

VA-Meter V-100Setup T

VA-Meter V-100Setup O

Measuring Tube Scales

In addition to mm scales with flow rate table, glass tubes with direct reading or custom scales are available

Aluminium or Stainless Steel

The bodies are available in aluminium or stainless steel. Sealing materials FKM or EPDM

Tightly Closing Precision Control Valves

The devices are equipped with precise, hysteresis-free 15-way control valves. The valves are tightly closing.

Various Instruments Options

We offer a range of options for the flow meters:

  • Laboratory baseLimit contact (inductive)Adaptation to customized gas line routing

Variable Area Flowmeter V-100 with laboratory base

3-Year Warranty

High-quality components ensure long and trouble-free operation(does not apply to calibration, options and accessories)

Product variations

Artikel nr. Material Size Valve setup Estimate
VAA-S-S Aluminium Small S
VAA-S-L Aluminium Small L
VAA-S-R Aluminium Small R
VAA-S-A Aluminium Small A
VAA-S-T Aluminium Small T
VAA-S-O Aluminium Small O
VAA-S-W Aluminium Small Without
VAA-M-S Aluminium Medium S
VAA-M-L Aluminium Medium L
VAA-M-R Aluminium Medium R
VAA-M-A Aluminium Medium A
VAA-M-T Aluminium Medium T
VAA-M-O Aluminium Medium O
VAA-M-W Aluminium Medium Without
VAA-L-S Aluminium Large S
VAA-L-L Aluminium Large L
VAA-L-R Aluminium Large R
VAA-L-A Aluminium Large A
VAA-L-T Aluminium Large T
VAA-L-O Aluminium Large O
VAA-L-W Aluminium Large Without
VAS-S-S Stainless Steel Small S
VAS-S-L Stainless Steel Small L
VAS-S-R Stainless Steel Small R
VAS-S-A Stainless Steel Small A
VAS-S-T Stainless Steel Small T
VAS-S-O Stainless Steel Small O
VAS-S-W Stainless Steel Small Without
VAS-M-S Stainless Steel Medium S
VAS-M-L Stainless Steel Medium L
VAS-M-R Stainless Steel Medium R
VAS-M-A Stainless Steel Medium A
VAS-M-T Stainless Steel Medium T
VAS-M-O Stainless Steel Medium O
VAS-M-W Stainless Steel Medium Without
VAS-L-S Stainless Steel Large S
VAS-L-L Stainless Steel Large L
VAS-L-R Stainless Steel Large R
VAS-L-A Stainless Steel Large A
VAS-L-T Stainless Steel Large T
VAS-L-O Stainless Steel Large O
VAS-L-W Stainless Steel Large Without

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