Ultrasonic Flow Transmitter DW-S

Ultrasonic Flow Transmitter DW-S

The functional principle of the DW-S flow transmitter is based on two ultrasonic sensors placed in opposite positions. The delay time of the sound depends on the speed of the current. Both sensors work alternately as a transmitter and receiver. The difference between the delay time is proportional to the flow rate. The HSW system operates in parallel with the fluid flow. This system offers high accuracy, excellent measuring dynamics and the ability to maintain a very high flow rate without pressure loss.

Suitable for measuring liquids and gases with ≤10% by volume solids. Due to the free and hygienic permeability, these ultrasonic flow meters are ideal for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, food and beverage industries, water treatment and air conditioning systems, machine and equipment construction, turbines, aggregates and compressors.

  • No moving parts
  • No pressure loss
  • Very large measuring dynamics
  • No problem to measure high speed
  • Compact design
  • Very long-term stability
  • Excellent price / performance ratio
  • Totalizer included
  • Digital output RS232 or RS485

Product variations

Type Range Thread Material Estimate
DW-S-15-A 0,5...80 l/min. 1/2" male Brass
DW-S-15-B 0,5...80 l/min. 1/2" male Stainless steel
DW-S-25-B 1...180 l/min. 1" male Stainless steel
DW-S-FL-25-B 1...180 l/min. Flange DN25, PN16 Stainless steel
DW-S-50-B 8...1000 l/min. 2" male Stainless steel
DW-S-FL-50-B 8...1000 l/min. Flange DN25, PN16 Stainless steel

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