All-around safety package - SIL3 for industrial automation

All-around safety package - SIL3 for industrial automation

The safety measurement module SMM is a certified safety electronics for bridge signals according to SIL3 and PLe for safe load, force and pressure measurements.

In combination with the new SCU-DR safety controller, a SIL3-safe complete solution is possible for applications in all areas of industrial automation for the safety of people, machines and the environment, where safety-related sensor signals in bridge circuitry are required. These include, for example, safe load measurements in shipbuilding and harbor logistics as well as crane and lifting technology, as well as safe pressure measurements in industrial automation. Typical safety tasks in industrial applications can be solved comfortably and safely from a single source using the combination of sensor technology, safety measurement module SMM and a safety PLC.

The product portfolio of the SIL3 certified safety electronics includes the three product types:

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