Railway Pressure Transmitter and Switch NAR 8258

Railway Pressure Transmitter and Switch NAR 8258

The new NAR 8258 pressure transmitter is the successor of the well-proven NAH 8253 with railway option. In addition, the NAR 8258 includes pressure switch option. Based on the robust, reliable and successfully introduced NaH 8254 the Nar 8258 has been designed especially for applications on railway vehicles like break systems, compressors, air conditioning, fre extinguishing systems, refrigeration, door systems and many more. The Nar 8258 design is according to normative railway requirements and complies with:

  • EN 61373 rolling stock equipment - Shock and vibration
  • EN 50155 electronic equipment used on rolling stock
  • EN50121-3-2 railway applications - electromagnetic compatibility
  • EN 45545-2 fire protection on railway vehicles

The Nar 8258 offers an accuracy of ±0.3 % and a wide operating temperature range of -40…125° C. during production, every device is individually tested with a dielectric strength of 710 VdC. The Nar 8258 is available with 4 ... 20ma analogue output or 1 or 2 switching outputs.

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