Temperature transmitter TH-TIO with IO-Link interface

Temperature transmitter TH-TIO with IO-Link interface

The TH-TIO head transmitter, designed for temperature measurements with a Pt100 3-wire or thermocouple, is one of the first measuring devices with an IO-Link interface from the new IO-Link product series by Müller Industrie-Elektronik, which will be gradually developed.

Advantage with IO-Link:

The new TH-TIO head transmitter has a 1-channel design for temperature measurements with Pt100 3-wire or thermocouple. The TH-TIO has a wide range of applications. For example, analogue temperature switches can be replaced cost-effectively with the new TH-TIO head transmitter. Thanks to the integrated IO-Link interface, device configuration via IO-Link can be carried out quickly and easily.

With foresighted planning, analog components can be successively replaced with IO-Link-compatible variants in mixing plants and made "fit" for the requirements of Industry 4.0 applications.

Full transparency and new communication on sensor-level

The comprehensive, standardized communication with each IO-Link-capable sensor and actuator enables additional sensor data, transmission of measurement and switching signals without losses and numerous independent diagnostic functions. Error, diagnostics or status messages, the sensor communicates independently to the controller. Sensor-level IO-Link integration not only increases productivity and reduces machine costs, but also simplifies sensor replacement while preserving redundant parameter data. The availability of machines and systems can be significantly increased with IO-Link-capable devices by reducing downtimes and accelerating the restart during maintenance or repair.

Technical features:

  • Input RTD Pt100: 3-wire / -200...800 °C
  • Input Type J: -210...1200 °C
  • Input Type K: -200...1372 °C
  • Input Type N: -200...1300 °C
  • Accuracy: max. 0,3% of nominal range
  • Operating temperature: -20...+80 °C
  • Configuration: IO-Link interface
  • Connection: Terminal screws
  • Protection: IP20
  • Dimensions: Ø45x23 mm
  • Casing: Synthetics PA66

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