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Pressure Measurement with pressure transmitters Marktechnical supplies a complete programme of pressure transmitters which are used for electronically evaluating and measuring pressure. Over the decades pressure transmitters, have proven themselves in a multitude of demanding applications in harsh industrial environments. We deliver many different designs to suit pressure and electrical connections, measuring procedures, electrical output signals and certifications. Superior technology and precise manufacturing ensure that our pressure transmitters work perfectly, especially in areas where high requirements are placed on long-term stability, vibration resistance, electromagnetic compatibility, shock resistance or temperature insensitivity.

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Pressure switches / pressotats  Robust electromechanical pressure switches / Pressostats from Trafag provide high vibration resistance and switch point precision in combination with an extremely durable design. This results in switches that can be operated for decades without requiring maintenance, even under harsh conditions. Various designs with bellows, membrane and piston sensors cover a wide variety of pressure ranges, media and load profiles for many different applications like hydraulics, railway and shipbuilding industry and others.

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