Diaphragm seals are partitions in pressure measuring instruments which prevent the measured medium from entering the measuring system. Wherever special hygienic requirements are imposed, vibrations impinge on the field components or for measurements at high temperatures, diaphragm seals will be applied.Measuring problems which are often impossible to solve with the standard pressure gauge itself can be solved by selecting the correct diaphragm seal system. Diaphragm seals are suited for use in the areas of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, tank measurement, food and in the areas of process industry.The quality of a measurement systems consisting of pressure gauge and diaphragm seal is influenced by the interaction of various parameters. In addition to the shape and material of the diaphragms and the design of the diaphragm seal, type and quality of the filling fluid as well as the temperature range are of importance. Though, the selection of the proper configuration is always an application-individual task to solve.

To completing its extensive standard range for pressure measurement technology, Marktechnical offers the combination of various products with diaphragm seals. In hygienic applications, the corresponding hygiene standards of EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group) and/or FDA (Food and Drug Administration)are applicable.

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