GSM/GPRS telemetry modules

GSM/GPRS telemetry modules

Generic GSM modules can measure, control and report through various inputs and outputs. By setting various action response patterns, the modules are flexible as alarm, sensor, door lock, etc. With the 9-24V XM2 version, devices can be controlled remotely using the batteries as a backup power supply. The low power version XM2-LP is completely independent of an external power source, and works on a set of batteries for long periods of time. Alarms and actions can be triggered by the time or sensor triggers. The compact CM21 module does not have any outputs or keypad option, but it is powerful with the two NO/NC inputs and the battery power or 12V DC power supply. The GSM modules are universal and made for a wide variety of purposes. The ultra low power design makes the GSM modules unique. In active mode, the modules have a consumption of less than 50 microA. Various input and output options make the modules suitable for alarm functions, switch on/off function, measurement functions, data storage and transmission, remote control and auto-dialer functions.

Available modules:

- CM21 (battery powered or optional 12 VDC)
- XM2 (9-24 V with backup battery)
- XM2-LP (battery powered)
- CM21 or XM2+ OEM modules with add on functions (customer specific)

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