WaterGuard all in one GSM water sensor MT-CM2300

WaterGuard all in one GSM water sensor MT-CM2300

The WaterGuard prevents costly water damage!

The WaterGuard operates autonomously through the built-in GSM module and batteries. It is very energy efficient and therefore very flexible. The water sensor detects and reports water-based liquids. The GSM module sends a text message with information and places a telephone call. Up to 5 phone numbers can be set. The leakage sensor is connected to the CM2300 digital input. As soon as the sensor comes into contact with a water-based fluid, the sensors will form an electrical circuit. The water sensor is extremely energy efficient and is powered by the WaterGuard. In addition, the CM2300 has two NO/NC inputs to which additional so-called make or break sensors can be connected. Look here for an overview of Mobeye water detectors. The Mobeye WaterGuard can be connected to an external power source. In case of a power failure, the backup batteries take over. It is possible to receive an alarm when this happens. The CM2300 comes without a SIM card. Choose a provider with good coverage at the CM2300's location. Read more about the different SIM cards and options here.

De Mobeye WaterGuard is available is two versions: 

- CM2300: Mobeye WaterGuard with leakage sensor 

- CM2300-FS: Mobeye WaterGuard with float sensor

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