Gauge Valves Special Type G 1/4

Gauge Valves Special Type G 1/4

The size of the AS-Schneider Gauge Valves G 1/4 is smaller compared to the standard gauge valves, especially the brass type. Carbon steel and stainless steel components are identical to the standard gauge valves. The components of the brass type are smaller and the valve stem is a one-piece design. The valves are applicable for a max. allowable (Working) Pressure (PS) of 125 bar (1,813 psi) (brass) respectively 250 bar (3,626 psi) (carbon steel and stainless steel) and a max. allowable Temperature (TS) of 200°C (392°F) (brass type) / 232°C (450°F) (carbon steel and stainless steel) for liquids, gas or vapors.

Please consider the requirement that valves and above all measuring instruments need to be protected against heating by hot media. This can be achieved by syphons or by instrument impulse lines with sufficient length.

Product variations

Inlet Outlet Test Connection Material Part Number 1 Part Number 2 Estimate
G 1/4 Male G 1/4 Adjusting Nut Brass S004.12.000 S00412000
G 1/4 Male G 1/4 Adjusting Nut Test Flange Ø 40 x 5 Brass S004.12.065 S00412065
G 1/4 Male G 1/4 Adjusting Nut 1.0460 S004.13.130 S00413130
G 1/4 Male G 1/4 Adjusting Nut 1.4571 S004.13.230 S00413230

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