Pipe Connectors

Pipe Connectors

Product variations

Thread Connection Material References Part Number 1 Part Number 2 Estimate
G 1/2 Male 1.1141 S006.07.102 S00607102
G 1/2 Male 1.5415 S006.07.602 S00607602
G 1/2 Male 1.4571 S006.07.202 S00607202
G 1/2-LH Male 1.1141 DIN 16282 Form 6 S006.07.103 S00607103
G 1/2-LH Male 1.5415 S006.07.603 S00607603
G 1/2-LH Male 1.4571 S006.07.203 S00607203
M 20 x 1.5-LH Male 1.1141 S006.07.153 S00607153
M 20 x 1.5-LH Male 1.4571 S006.07.253 S00607253
1/2 NPT Male 1.1141 S006.07.102.01 S0060710201
1/2 NPT Male 1.4571 S006.07.202.01 S0060720201
1/2 NPT Male 1.0038 S006.07.104 S00607104
1/2 NPT Male 1.4571 S006.07.204.02 S0060720402

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