Indicator Valves Type N473

Indicator Valves Type N473

AS-Schneider Indicator Valve Type N473 is available with a lot of options. Indicator valves are based on the need to measure and monitor cylinder pressures in large-bore diesel and natural gas engines and gas compressors. Indicator Valve Type N473 allows a reduced installation radius at limited space. Valve opens "against engine pressure" and closes "with engine pressure". Any movement of the valve stem due to engine vibration tends to tighten the valve stem against its seat thus eliminating the possibility of opening under operating conditions. The valve body is die-forged.

Max. allowable (Working) Pressure (PS): 300 bar (4,351 psi)

Bore Size: 0.197" (5 mm)

Product variations

Engine Connection Instrument Connection Operation Part Number 1a Part Number 1b Estimate
3/4-10 BSW W 27 x 1/10" T Handle Key N473.97.100.01 N4739710001
M 20 x 2 W 27 x 1/10" T Handle Key N473.97.100.06 N4739710006
M 20 x 1.5 c/w Seal Cap W 27 x 1/10" T Handle Key N473.97.100.08 N4739710008
1/2 NPT W 27 x 1/10" T Handle Key N473.97.100.11 N4739710011
M 22 x 1.5 W 27 x 1/10" T Handle Key N473.97.100.12 N4739710012
G 1/2 W 27 x 1/10" T Handle Key N473.97.110.02 N4739711002
M 20 x 1.5 W 27 x 1/10" T Handle Key N473.97.190.07 N4739719007

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