Seal Pot SSB Type

Seal Pot SSB Type

The AS-Schneider SSB Seal Pots are used for systems requiring an open seal such as high temperature, toxic or corrosive service. The Seal Pots are used with an Immiscible Seal Fluid. The difference in density to the process media will provide a barrier in front of the Manifold and Instrument. Location:

  • Seal Pot is located below the Orifice Plate: A Seal Fluid with higher specific gravity than the Process Medium is to be used.
  • Seal Pot is located above the Orifice Plate: A Seal Fluid with lower specific gravity is to be used.

Volume: Approx. 50 cm³

Pressure-Temperature Rating acc. to Shell MESC:

- Max. allowable (Working) Pressure (PS): 413 bar (6,000 psi) @ 38°C (100.4°F)
- Max. allowable Temperature (TS): 450°C (842°F)

Part No.: SSB-000-SGS8

SS SV Seal Pot
B Packing: Graphite
S Material: 1.4401 / 1.4404 / 316 / 316L
G Connection: G 1/4 Female
S Compression Fitting: Swagelok
8 Size Compression Fitting: 3/8"

Product variations

MESC Code 1 MESC Code 2 Description Vent Part Number Estimate
MESC MESC 6098705101 Seal Pot 10 mm* SSB-000-SG*3
MESC MESC 6098706001 Seal Pot 1/2"* SSB-000-SG*9
MESC MESC 6098706101 Seal Pot 3/8"* SSB-000-SG*8
* Compression Fitting - Make, type, size and composition as specified in the requisition/indent.

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