Condensate Pots for Larger Volume Displacements

Condensate Pots for Larger Volume Displacements

Condensate Pots (also called Seal Pots) are used in the measurement of steam or other vapors for two reasons: One reason is that a level of condensed water is accumulated inside of the pot and maintains a fluid volume for displacement equal to or greater than the volume displacement of the transmitter (protecting the transmitter from heat).

The second reason for maintaining a liquid inside of the pot is to prevent flashing of the liquid in the impulse line if a sudden temperature change of the steam is made. A dam inside of the pot prevents this flashing effect.

Pots with more outlet ports for applications where foreign material should be trapped and drained preventing damage of the manifolds and transmitters are also available.

Product variations

Weld End Connections - Inlet Weld End Connections - Outlet Part Number 1 Part Number 2a Part Number 2b Part Number 3a Part Number 3b Estimate
Material 1.5415 Material 1.5415 Material 1.5415
PN Volume 250 cm3 Volume 700 cm3
Pipe Butt Weld End Ø 21.3 x 6.3 Pipe Butt Weld End Ø 21.3 x 6.3 250 S007.51.653.05 S0075165305
Pipe Butt Weld End Ø 33.7 x 4.5 Pipe Butt Weld End Ø 24 x 7.1 250 S007.51.653.06 S0075165306
G 1/2 Male DIN 19207 Type R G 1/2 Male DIN 19207 Type V 160 S007.51.653.04 S0075165304

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